Canes for Veterans was founded in 2016 by James Willis. He was looking for a better cane than one he had received from the VA and came across Oscar Morse in FL. Mr. Morse was creating canes for veterans and had over 500 orders for his canes. Oscar told Jamie that he could not get him on the list, and that he should make a cane for himself. After he walked Jamie through the process and he completed his first cane, he once again reached out to Oscar who told him, "Now make another, and give it away, then another and so forth."

Making canes has been an outlet for Jamie to help conquer his medical struggles, from PTSD to depression. It has provided him an outlet to stay busy and have that purpose he was missing since he left the service.

Mr Willis is an Army Veteran who served from 1989-1998 as a CavScout, 19D. He served in Desert Storm in 1991 with A Troop 1-7 Cav out of Fort Hood, TX. He sustained back injury in a bradley accident, was told he was never going to walk again. But within a few weeks he was up and walking and back on the battlefield, in time for the ground war to start.

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